therapeutic massage
This reviving full body massage will bring relief to any tired and tense body..
Aromatherapy Massage works in a truly holistic sense; a full body massage..
deep tissue massage
An intensive treatment, using strong, slow and precise movements on specific..


Reflexology is a gentle yet effective foot and or hand therapy. It is based on the principle that reflex points in the feet and hands correspond to the glands and organs and in all parts of the body along our meridian lines. Using thumb and finger pressure to massage these reflex points in the feet, the treatment works to stimulate your body’s own healing system to reduce tension, improve circulation, clear toxins and ultimately boost your energy.  An excellent treatment if you are feeling fatigued after your journey.

60 minutes

Reflexology is gentle yet effective foot and/ or hand therapy. It is based on the
Reiki is a well known form of natural healing which helps restore balance in both mind and body.
holistic facials
Facials are a wonderfully relaxing treatment, which help maintain healthy skin