This reviving full body massage will bring relief to any tired and tense body..
Aromatherapy Massage works in a truly holistic sense; a full body massage..
An intensive treatment, using strong, slow and precise movements on specific..

Our professional therapists work to the highest standard ensuring client confidentiality at all times.  Towels and sheets are used to ensure that all areas of the body are covered and modesty is preserved throughout treatment. Our therapists have years of experience at working in different therapeutic settings and will ensure you receive the best experience of our service.

Before treatment begins clients are required to complete a health questionnaire concerning any injuries, ailments and medical conditions that we need to be aware of. There are several conditions e.g. acute heart disease, kidney failure, blot clots, when treatment is NOT allowed. No treatment can be given without the health check form being completed.

Reflexology is gentle yet effective foot and/ or hand therapy. It is based on the
Reiki is a well known form of natural healing which helps restore balance in both mind and body.
Facials are a wonderfully relaxing treatment, which help maintain healthy skin