therapeutic massage
This reviving full body massage will bring relief to any tired and tense body..
Aromatherapy Massage works in a truly holistic sense; a full body massage..
deep tissue massage
An intensive treatment, using strong, slow and precise movements on specific..

Aromatherapy Massage  

Aromatherapy Massage works in a truly holistic sense; a full body massage, it promotes healing to both mind and body and leaves you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Natural essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers, work to regulate the systems of the body and restore balance.

After a consultation with your practitioner, an individual blend of essential oils is prepared and applied by massage. The aroma of a blend works by stimulating your nervous system having a powerful influence over mood and emotions. Through massage therapy, the blend is absorbed through the skin, where it circulates to the organs of the body to promote health and wellbeing.

Reflexology is gentle yet effective foot and/ or hand therapy. It is based on the
Reiki is a well known form of natural healing which helps restore balance in both mind and body.
holistic facials
Facials are a wonderfully relaxing treatment, which help maintain healthy skin